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DSC_0333S/S Engelbrekt is a steamship that’s been rescued and renovated by people living in the area of the swedish lake Siljan.

The ship was built in Göteborg in 1866. It was delivered in pieces and assembled in Mora, and was originally named after the city. During the winter of 1902-03 the ship was rebuilt and a new steam engine was installed. The ship was named Engelbrekt and put to carry passengers on the lake of Siljan from Leksand in the south to Mora in the north. The arrival of private cars lessened the demand for ferrying passengers and the season was shortened to summers only. In 1950 the ship sank while moored for the winter, two years later she was sold and turned into a summer residence. In 1971 she was bought by Olle Noresjö who formed the base for the association which now runs the ship. In 1993 the Swedish National Rail Department decided to close the bridge south of Leksand. The Siljan Shipping Association asked for money to renovate Engelbrekt as a compensation and so a massive rescuing project was started. Many people got involved and volunteered time, material and money to get the old ship back into shape. The ship was back on Siljan waters again in June 1996.

S/S Engelbrekt is now the only steam ship in Siljan that can travel down the river under the closed railway bridge. She is owned by an association whose only purpose is to keep her floating in Siljan. The Friends of Engelbrekt Association keeps this proud lady in shape, cut and pile wood, organize trips down the river and bring the ship to various cultural events round the lake of Siljan.
To support the work you can make a trip on the ship, eat and drink plenty or become a member. This will entitle you to free trips with reduced prices on food. You can  find out more about our trips and make a reservation on phone no 070-559 54 90 or send an e-mail to An annual membership costs Skr 200:- for an adult, Skr 300:- for a family of two people or more and is paid to Pg 98 78 38-0. Please contact us via mail for information on how to pay from abroad. You can also support us by making a donation or buying our calendar. If you wish to join in the work please call and find out when is the next working day for our crew. Workers do not get paid but are served a free meal.
We are always on the look out for captains and chiefs, so if you are qualified and would like to steer the ship please contact us.